February 06, 2009

RPT: "We're fucking the stimulus plan!"

Seemingly proud of the Republicans in Congress from Texas who decided to vote against the stimulus package, the RPT sent out this nice little email

Just last night, President Barack Obama put on the full-court press for the Democrat stimulus package. In his interviews with each major network anchor, he called on Senators to support this almost $1 trillion plan. Then his political committee sent an email to their list of over 13 million emails a few hours ago.

You can see what tremendous pressure is being exerted as the Senate faces a showdown vote any day now. That's why it's so important for our Republican Senators to stand strong in opposition to this gigantic bailout full or pork-barrel projects and earmarks.

Every single GOP congressman voted against the package last week, and our two Texas Senators are speaking out against it right now!

Your support is needed to help these courageous Republicans stand against the onslaught of attacks coming their way.

The onslaught of attacks? You mean the onslaught of well deserved attacks, don't you? As for the pork and earmarks, roads in cities and counties all over Texas are PORK?!?!?! Not so much because, and this will come as a shock, GOVERNMENT SPENDING IS STIMULUS. Every time the government spends money to buy something, someone has to make it, sell it and ship it. Those people will have jobs and money to then spend to churn back into the economy and pay their mortgages.

The tax cuts ARE pork since they won't achieve the goal, but hey, that's what Democrats are having to give up to get some of you assholes on board. I don't think they should but it seems pretty clear they're as spineless as you Republicans are stupid.

As for the full-court press, I must have missed that. I only caught how Republicans were holding things up.

Posted by mcblogger at February 6, 2009 11:21 AM

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