February 04, 2009

Obama and the fourth estate

First off, if anyone was thinking maybe people were too hard on Howard Kurtz, there was this...

A lot of people, and not just conservatives, think the media have rolled over for Obama. I've certainly been critical of the coverage at times. But what's past is prologue. If journalists don't start holding the 44th president accountable -- in the same way the left wanted us to hold George W. Bush accountable -- we will have defaulted on our mission. It will be bad for the country, and bad for Obama. He didn't run as a black candidate. He ran as a politician who happened to be black. And so our journalism must be color-blind as well.

REALLY, Howard? Why is it that that chickenshit 'journalists' like you are so scared of losing access during Republican Administrations that you fall over yourselves with fawning coverage, yet when a Democratic President is inaugurated you're at his throat within days? What's that about?

And then there was Michael Gerson who on his best days still reads like a poor man's William F. Buckley

But there was a second, less sympathetic, Obama enthusiasm at work. In a Newsweek essay, Michael Hirsh mentioned Obama's racial achievement. But he went on to say that "there's something else that I'm even happier about -- positively giddy. . . . What Obama's election means, above all, is that brains are back." Hirsh declared that the Obama era means the defeat of "yahooism" and "jingoism" and "flag-pin shallowness" and "religious zealotry" and "anti-intellectualism." Obama is a "guy who keeps religion in its proper place -- in the pew."

There is much to unpack here. Can it be that Hirsh is "even happier" about the advance of liberal arrogance than he is about the advance of racial justice? And would the civil rights movement have come at all if African American religion had stayed "in the pew"? But suffice it to say that some wish to interpret the Obama victory as a big push in the culture war -- as an opportunity to attack their intellectual and cultural "inferiors."

What's amazing here is that Gerson seriously may not have understood that Hirsh was ecstatic, as we all were, over the fact that the American people picked substance over bullshit, brains and competence over one liners and hunting pictures. You'll have to excuse him for not 'getting it' since he was, after all, a bit player in the circus of retards that was the Administration of George W. Bush. You might remember him as the nebbish speechwriter who took credit for everything which mostly included work he didn't actually do.

Is this kind of bullshit all over the place? Should I just stop reading the Post?

Posted by mcblogger at February 4, 2009 11:50 AM

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