February 03, 2009

McCain? Oh, bitch, you don't want to start name calling.

You know, I've been putting off posting about this for more than a week, mostly because I've been busy with real work as opposed to Brewster who is busy taking credit for things he really didn't do. Oh, and changing his mind about where he stands on issues. However, I guess it's time to say something about it...

“You may have heard that both of Brewster’s opponents have chosen to run on the John McCain campaign message: ‘a steady hand in troubled times.’ Brewster believes we need to expect more of Austin’s next mayor than simply trying to hunker down and weather the storm for a few years. In fact, that approach would cost us valuable time while other regions work to establish leadership in the emerging job sectors of the 21st Century Economy.”

So now Lee is John McCain? What does that make you, Brewster? Sarah Palin? I mean, you're certainly not President Obama or anyone on the Democratic side. Actually, you really ARE a lot like Palin, always loving the attention, just like a stupid little puppy, and taking credit for things you didn't do while hiding from the crap you did.

I've heard Brewster called a weathervane. I've heard him called a windsock. I've heard him called a flip-flop. All of these are accurate but I think the term that works even better is TOFU because of his ability to take on whatever message or issue the constituency he's talking to at the time cares about.

And if there's one thing I know we need right now, it's innovation and leadership, with balls. Not a meat substitute.

Posted by mcblogger at February 3, 2009 01:51 PM

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