January 21, 2009

Release The McCracken drops the M bomb

That's right, kids! Austin FAVORITE twerpy freelance copyrighter is back this time shilling for Release The McCracken. Well, not really shilling so much as acting like a Concerned Citizen asking RTM some 'random' questions. On some radio show that broadcasts Sunday nights when most are out having drinks (show McBlogger raising his hand) and apparently likes to have on the most loathsome people in the universe.

Lisa Fritsch: Jason, welcome to KLBJ.

PhotobucketJason Meeker: Thank you for having Brewster on tonight. That's great. I hope you have all the candidates on. I have a question for Brewster but it has something to do with something that Lee Leffingwell has put in his platform, and maybe he can illuminate us on this. Lee Leffingwell said something about he wanted to have a program where people could buy credits to offset their carbon emissions. Is this another thing that the politicians want to do to take more money out of our pockets? What is that?

Brewster McCracken: Yeah, I'm not really sure about what he's talking about on that, Jason. And also I saw that he's saying he wants to have a $500 million dollar bond election in 12 months.

Lisa Fritsch: Do you agree with that ?

Brewster McCracken: No I don't. You know, we are having to freeze hiring at the City of Austin. People's family budgets are hurting. I don't think trying to do a massive bond election in 12 months makes sense. And the idea that Jason brings up, I think this is the wrong time to be socking people's pocketbooks. We need to be all hands on deck trying to create jobs for the future.

Jason Meeker: Yeah, I think that's the way to go. I understand that there's a concern with green technologies and a green economy, but penalizing people or giving them this thing where they have to buy credits that obviously this credit is something to offset a cost somewhere else, I don't know, I think that needs some explanation, and I don't like it already.

Lisa Fritsch: I don't think people are ready to be going to buy like a gift card to say you're a good person for the environment. I just don't think we are there yet at all.

Jason Meeker: Thanks Brewster! Thanks for running for mayor!

PhotobucketBrewster McCracken: Thanks, Jason. You know another area where Lee Leffingwell and I are different is that Lee was in favor of prohibiting homeowners from selling their homes until they got a government-approved energy upgrade on their home they were selling. I did not think that was a good idea. You know, I think that we should be helping people sell their homes not prohibiting them from doing it.

Lisa Fritsch: Oh, the whole thing that you had to go through all these hoops to make sure your home was green enough in these areas. Wrong idea.

Brewster McCracken: Yeah, I think it was, too.

Is it just me or can you almost smell Brewster's cock on Jason's breath when reading this?

So, let's rip into this...

1) Brewster LOVED floating a bond to fund a light rail package nine months ago. What's changed his mind? Certainly not the economy, it must be that he's NOW RUNNING FOR MAYOR. I mean, come on... why worry about a project that's going to spur job growth and give Austin a much needed asset when you can score cheap political points talking about fiscal responsibility! Especially since the Fed's are about to shit money all over the country on projects JUST LIKE THIS. With leaders like Brewster it'll be no time at all until Round Rock is the most populous city in Austin metro.

2) The carbon credit was, you know, an idea to do something to help the environment VOLUNTARILY. Like when we contract with AE to buy electricity from renewable sources. It's called a market solution and most capitalists LOVE it. So, the question now becomes, WHY DOES BREWSTER HATE CAPITALISM?

3) As for the 'government-approved energy upgrade', that was what Brewster proposed when he co-sponsored the ACPP. It was Lee and others on Council who opposed that in favor of an energy audit to let homeowners know about energy deficiencies. Much like that time Lee and others supported taking some of Toby's power away and Brewster obsequiously gave in to the evil that is Toby.

In the end, the only thing that's clear is that Brewster doesn't like his own ideas when they become inconvenient AND he likes to lie about where his opponent stands. He also thinks that working with the worst politician in Austin will help him, which is understandable since they both have the ability to turn a room full of undecideds into haters.

(Tip o the hat to Karl-Thomas who was paying attention to the Statesman today)

Posted by mcblogger at January 21, 2009 08:45 AM

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You need to listen to KLBJ-AM more of the day if you think this batch is more loathsome than average. Try accidentally getting Boortz or Limbaugh at lunch because you left it on that station when trying to catch the news in the morning.

The energy upgrade thing was floated as "optional, unless not enough people do it", by the way. I say this as somebody who wishes it were mandatory.

If Meeker turns out to be really this close to the campaign, you may, in fact, find me voting for Leffingwell. Does that scare you?

Posted by: M1EK [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 22, 2009 01:19 PM

Not at all... Kedron keeps telling me we actually have a lot in common.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 23, 2009 10:57 PM

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