January 28, 2009

Did you ever see a 4-named Granny?

I finally saw The Wrestler this past weekend and it met some pretty high expectations. Mickey Rourke put his heart and soul into this movie (even if maybe he was just playing himself) and nekkid Marisa Tomei on the big screen just never gets old (to hell with the losers at Cheeques, I'd still buy a dance, Marisa!).

Today, as I pondered the ho-hum state of Austin's mayoral race, it hit me: The Wrestler's protagonist, Randy "The Ram" Robinson, is the perfect metaphor for Mayoral Candidate Carole Fournames Cougar Mellencamp Jingleheimerschmidt. For those of you who have seen the movie, consider the following:

The Ram made a name and a career out of being a good faker;
The Ram is 20 years past his prime but still mentally stuck in the Eighties;
The Ram is only happy when he's putting on a show for a crowd;
The Ram continues down the same path despite clear repeated signs it's time to quit;
and finally....wait for it.....
Randy "The Ram" Robinson's legal name is Robin Radzinski - THAT'S FIVE NAMES!

Come to think of it, maybe a free-for-all-rasslin' match is just what the mayoral race needs. I've got no use for Carole as a politician, but I'd pay good money and close attention to see her climb the cornerpost and treat Release the McCracken to a Jersey-style Ram Jam. Lee Leffingwell would probably be more interesting if he wore a Lucha Libre mask, too.

Posted by hbalczak at January 28, 2009 11:31 AM

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