January 07, 2009

Designated Crackpot

Someone has to do it, so I’ll take ownership.

Unfortunately, Texas Democratic State Reps as a whole still have not grown a pair

With an opportunity to bring some serious noise, the Dems instead blew a chance to have one of their own become speaker. The notion that dems can not unite around one candidate was dispelled by the fact that they rallied around a Republican. Are you freaking kidding me?

Exactly who would’ve they alienated by making a bold stance by fighting to get a Dem as speaker of the Texas House? By showing the hundreds of thousands of voters who came out for the primary and stuck around for the general that Dems are willing to stand up for their values, we could have seen an avalanche of support by many of those who are still uncertain about what party to follow. That’s change in Texas we can believe. Instead we get the audacity of feigned pragmatism.

Incrementalism is all fine and dandy unless you have that rare monumental event that shakes foundations and creates an upheaval. Rather than taking advantage, Dems ran for cover. Also remember that gradual shifts can be halted by forces that have a vested interest in maintaining their territory, or can delay a movement for so long that momentum stops and people move on. Have we already forgotten that since 1980 many of these shifts were reversed because we had lost our fighting spirit?

Please don’t bring up the notion that Craddick had to go because there are too many important issues in this session. Every session has important issues. Yes, we must remember the CHIP children, but many groups are underrepresented and marginalized, and their hardships are no less under any Republican rule.

What is the big deal with bi-partisanship and “reaching across the aisle?” Why find compromise with a Republican Party, and conservative philosophy that for the last three decades have lead to the devastation of this country’s economy, values, and prestige.

By backing down from this fight, Dems have dishonored those long-time political warriors who have given their time, money, and effort to get this state to this point.

For all those who choose puppies, daisies, and pretty things over getting your nose blooded, you get what you deserve.

Posted by Captain Kroc at January 7, 2009 08:03 PM

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Oh, normally I'm all for calling out weakness, but in this case there was zero chance of having a D speaker. It's how the House works. Trust me, the 64 strong D's who signed the 'No CradDICK' pledge would have LOVED a D speaker. But when Romano lost to Twinkie-Lover, there was no chance it was going to happen.

Especially since up until a few days ago, the caucus still had some CradDICK D's within it.

Seriously, it's not necessary to beat these folks up.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 7, 2009 08:34 PM

Seriously, I think it's necessary. I'm taking this stand and I'm standing behind it. So I'm the bad guy for not drinking the kool-aid on this?

Posted by: Captain Kroc [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 8, 2009 07:26 AM

Well, there's no kool-aid to be drunk. There's what makes sense and what doesn't. What you need to focus on is what you'd say to a little kid who didn't get the meds they needed because CHIP got cut back when we let CradDICK stay as Speaker.

Are you going to tell them tough luck but we thought it would work better electorally for us if we let evil reign just a little longer?

Further, what happens if CradDICK continues to strengthen and then in 2010 we end up losing far more?

When you have a chance to take down an opponent, you don't worry about it. You do it.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 11, 2009 12:55 PM

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