December 15, 2008

Why does Debbie Riddle's breath smell like my poop?

We LOVE Debbie Riddle in much the same way we love cancer. And the herp. And HIV. And genocide.

OK, you got us... we don't really LOVE Debbie Riddle so much as think she's a massive incompetent who only gets elected because she has an R after her name. Now, she's going after 'illegals' which is code for 'messicans'.

All I have to say to that is...



THAT, my firends, is the reality. The overwhelming majority of these people come here for a better life and they work hard. They certainly work harder than a retarded State Representative from Houston. And they work hard mowing my fucking yard. Of course, they also do other things but that's the immediate impact on MY life.

Tell you what, Debbie Dumbass, as soon as you climb your ass up on a freeway overpass during construction in August and work a full day, you can talk about 'keeping the illegals out'. Until then, shut your fucking mouth before these folks DO decide to go home and we're left with an employment crunch.

Not that you'd know what that is, but it's BAD. We don't want that. OK, Debbie?

Debbie Riddle, so stupid she thought TacoBell was a phone company in Mexico.

Posted by mcblogger at December 15, 2008 12:59 PM

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