December 07, 2008

The Learning Curve

So what’s the new game in town?

While the travesty we call the Texas governor’s campaign seems to have commenced along with local Austin political pundits starting to handicap the mayoral farce and the lege soon to be in session before you have a chance to escape town, the election that should be on our radar is the Texas School Board of Education.

Some think now is too early to worry about this race, but these same people have to realize that the 15 elected members of the SBOE have the potential of having more impact than state legislatures on Texas’ future.

Of course, evolution vs. creationism is the headliner act, but there are a number of other reasons to boot many of the current batch. Count on to have much more on this topic in the coming months. I do want to point out that if the creationists were smart, “teaching the controversy” is something they really don’t want to push since it would expose the fallibility of the Bible.

So what kind of candidate do we want?

1. Someone who can suffer fools gladly, because there is going to be a lot of – how to say this - intellectually-challenged people involved in these races.
2. Won’t alienate people with their personality, or lack of.
3. Won’t get bogged down in minutiae on the campaign trail.
4. Someone who will listen and heed good advice, and distance themselves from bad consultants and campaign staffers.
5. Maybe a woman. Perception plays a major role in campaigns.

There is a caveat. Some of these races could be expensive, and experienced, qualified fundraisers will be needed.

Now for the trench warfare. The coalition of scientists known as Texas Citizens for Science, or for that matter any scientist or science-based organization that provides the academic heft in this matter, will have to step-up or maybe step-down by creating an arm that will phone bank, blockwalk, fundraise, data entry, volunteer recruitment, and the rest of the foot soldier, rank and file activities needed to elect candidates.

I can’t think of any better organization to help these scientists than the Texas Freedom Network.

Also, any coordinated campaign will have to make this a big component.

Posted by Captain Kroc at December 7, 2008 04:59 PM

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