December 03, 2008

Oh, harumph!

chill pillMaybe it's bad form to call out McBlogger on his very own blog, but his latest tantrum about traffic really crosses the boundary into insanity. Of course, I know we're all shocked... shocked that is, that traffic would be heavy at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And while I'm no particular fan of "our wonderful Republican Governor, Republican Lt. Governor and Republican controlled Legislature", I really don't understand why they get the blame for infringing on McBlogger's apparently god-given right to drive 90 or faster if people moved the hell out of my way. It seems to me that McBlogger has more of a beef with James the First, for letting a group of annoying religious separatists found the colony that gave birth to the event in the first place. Or Squanto, the Wampanoag without whose advice and friendship the colonists probably would have died of starvation and disease (to say nothing of hostile natives.) Or Abraham Lincoln, who proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday.

McBlogger, chill out dude, turn your satellite radio up, and deal with traffic like a grownup.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at December 3, 2008 02:00 PM

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No. It's ridiculous that we are living in a state with almost 25 million people and traveling on an infrastructure built for 15 million.

It's their goddamn fault for not taking a leadership role on this and building the damn roads. Instead, they've sold everyone on pollyanna bullshit about tax cuts paying for themselves.

YOU sit in traffic six goddamn hours.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 3, 2008 03:04 PM

And yes, I should be able to drive in the fast lane as fast as I want with out piddling minivans in the way going five miles under the damn limit.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 3, 2008 03:06 PM

Stop the TTC! Stop the TTC!

Posted by: Captain Kroc [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 3, 2008 08:27 PM

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