December 16, 2008

How does it feel?

This was passed along over the weekend by Carl Whitmarsh.

I have a question for all those working-class Democrats -- especially the ones employed directly or indirectly by the U.S. auto industry -- who in the 80s became so-called "Reagan Democrats" and voted Republican for the next 20 years. The question is this: Given the "fuck you" attitude being contemptuously displayed by Senate Republicans where it concerns a rescue plan for your industry, your job, your life, how do you feel now about your abandonment of the Democratic Party? Huh? Got an answer? Nothing deep. Just a quick sentence or two would do. I mean, how does it feel to have spent all those years voting your bigotry and your willful political ignorance and your sheep-like need to be manipulated by the thugs who infest right-wing talk radio, and now that your whole life is collapsing because of the policies of these Republicans (who never gave a shit about you anyway) you get to watch and listen as they kick you and your family to the curb and say, naw, we don't think the "taxpayers" wanna bail out the auto industry; we don't care if another three or four million more families head for the homeless shelters and food stamp offices.

There's more at the link. Yes, it's harsh but it is spot on. People need to really think before they go into a polling place.

Posted by mcblogger at December 16, 2008 11:50 AM

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