December 22, 2008

A letter to y'all from Rick Warren's Gay Friend

PhotobucketFirst up, mad props to the peeps at McB for giving me a chance to post. It's been a while since I've done anything online other than checking email. My husband and I just adopted a beautiful baby girl from Sudan and we've been hella busy adjusting to being parents.

In answer to the question burning up your brain, I became friends with Rick Warren when Saddleback was this piddly little church. He was a nice guy, he knew I was gay and didn't really have a problem with that. However, in the last few years, it's become clear that was all a lie. Either that or he's changed in pretty big ways. I choose to believe it's the latter. He obviously has some big issues with the gays that he's clearly not enough of a man to come to me with. Probably because he knows I'll give him hell about his fat ass, LOL. But seriously, the Rick Warren of years ago is not the Rick Warren of today. And like many, I'm pissed as hell at PE Obama for inviting him to the Inaugural.

I decided to come forward after seeing Rick on Dateline NBC Friday night. Now, I know you're probably wondering what I was doing home on Friday and what the hell I was doing watching NBC. For that, I will only make reference to our daughter ... let's just say that newborns don't afford you a lot of time to go out to dinner with friends or, well, anyone. My husband and I stay in a lot and the TV was stuck on NBC from when we turned it off the night before after 30 Rock.

While we're eating dinner there appears Rick's corpulent face, spewing all kinds of crazy. Three different types of laws in Leviticus? Come on, Rick, that's a load of bullshit. Then, there was endless pimping of his retarded little book of retread 'feel good' philosophy cribbed from a self help class and how much he loves God (which is, according to Rick, hand in hand with not believing in evolution without even considering if maybe evolution was the mechanism God used). He also threw in video of all his good work in Africa, which is really more about proselytizing and less about helping people with AIDS, just FYI. The reporter at one point cornered him on the genetic origin of homosexuality. And Rick dove into resisting impulses. The reporter, to her credit, pressed him on it and Rick did what Rick always does when backed into a rhetorical corner... He pulled out the "One of my friends is gay... " Card, a rather dumb device through which he offered, anecdotally, that all gay men want to have sex with every other man. Including him. He knows this because I told him so.

Rick, you need to check your goddamn ego. We may be friends, but don't ever, even for a moment, think that gives you the right to speak for me. As for your delusional fantasy that I probably want to have sex with you, allow me to disabuse you of that notion right now. You're fat, ugly and as I've mentioned to you a number of times, you always look greasy.

That conversation we had was 20 years ago when I was 21, five years before I met the man of my dreams with whom I've lived for the last fifteen years. In a monogamous relationship. We got married just last year and now there is a legal question about our union. We didn't ask to be married in your church. We accept that you don't think our marriage is legitimate in the eyes of God. All we wanted was equality under the law. And you and those like you denied us that right.

People change a lot in 20 years. Just as I no longer want to have sex with every man who crosses my path, it's obvious that Rick no longer believe in tolerance and fairness in the greater society as a whole.

And PE Obama? Take a moment to read this.

Posted by rickwarren at December 22, 2008 02:07 PM

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