October 22, 2008

Things that you can tell just by looking at polls

I gotta tell you, I'm pretty sick of this cycle. I'm tired of the inept people running the online portions of the campaigns who have decided to masturbate by sending 20-30 emails. A DAY. This long ago stopped being communication and has become polivomit.

Take the latest from the Obama campaign imploring us Texans to go to Ohio. Or New Mexico. As if Texas was solidly red and not at all in play. Obvs, it was written by someone who has no idea WTF is going on here, how close things are in Lege races and good local races around the state are looking.

Of course, while I'm irritated about all the emails from the campaigns, I'm even less tolerant of all the puma garbage coming over...

As a former Clinton supporter, y'all can go fuck yourselves. Slowly. With a telephone pole. Seriously, you may not like Obama but making shit up about him is just goddamn stupid. Even dumber is using the goddamn NY Post as a source. And your defense of Joe The Plumber was laughable. Seriously. The only reason the media cares about old Joe is because McThuselah kept using it over and over again in the debate. Unfortunately for McThuselah, his campaign didn't bother to vett him beyond the 'he doesn't like Obama' stage.

All this campaign garbage is a necessary evil. You have to win if you want to govern. However, we can't ever forget that the right is to blame for the mess we're in. The right got what they wanted, control over a major political party. They used this power, along with some help from some stupid Democrats and more moderate Republicans, to create the most business friendly environment since the robber barons. Ideologically, the right won and we've had 30 years of concentrating wealth at the top, stagnate wages and a deteriorating standard of living. Now we're at the point where tax cuts won't work to stimulate the economy... and no one is buying the bullshit.

And no, Grover, this wasn't the failure of Bush. It was the failure of you, your friends and your desire to put ideology over reality.

So, here I am realizing that the emails aren't done quite yet and that, in the end, they irritate me less than Grover Norquist.

Posted by mcblogger at October 22, 2008 09:28 AM

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