October 01, 2008

Laboring under the delusion that everyone is as smart as you

With all the crazy cow crap flying about as if in a West Texas windstorm, you'd think the recapitalization plan would already be DOA. That WAS the goal of the Laborers' International Union. Until someone figured out that they could lose their jobs if the banking system collapses.

A touch of earthy fatalism from the Laborers' President Terry O’Sullivan: "We probably will have to hold our nose, grab the barf bags and do this because unfortunately we've got ourselves stuck on the same ship as those who caused this crisis and if they sink, working people sink too. But a bailout cannot just be another no-strings Bush raid on taxpayers. We need real protections to keep this from happening again and a stimulus package that creates jobs by building America."

Couldn't agree more! What kind of stimulus package did you have in mind?

The 500,000-member construction union, which endorsed Obama, wants $100 billion to go for a massive infrastructure program instead.

"Investing in America has an immediate impact on our economy. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that 47,500 good jobs can be created for every $1 billion investment building America," a spokesman wrote in a statement.

For one thing, unlike many of you mouthbreathers (on the right and left), these folks really understand the real world impact of scuttling this. They lose their jobs. Just like many of us will.

And where they are WAY OUT in front of many of you (again, on the right and left) is that we NEED infrastructure. These folks, with this one little thing, just became the smartest people I've read about in weeks.

Posted by mcblogger at October 1, 2008 02:09 PM

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