October 10, 2008

I'm voting for you, Rick

...but this was politics, it's shitty and you're a goddamn braindead simp for saying it. Cornyn has done soooo many things wrong that there are tons of issues to attack on. Instead, like any other craven politico, you attack him on the right decision on an unpopular issue that the mouthbreathers out in the hinterlands don't understand (but just so happens to be the one thing that might keep them from abject poverty).

You could have beaten him up for supporting the very deregulation that created this mess. You could have gotten him on supporting the very lack of oversight that allowed companies to offer mortgages at insane rates to borrowers who were clearly not qualified.

"We can't believe anything that we hear out of Washington, D.C., any more," Mr. Noriega said in a debate broadcast statewide on public television.

"This decision was made in haste," he said, adding that the stock market's negative reaction shows the bailout wasn't well thought out.

"It didn't have the accountability," Mr. Noriega said. "Quite frankly, we need to see that people go to jail.

WOW. Where to begin... the first sentence is just stupid. THIS WASN'T COMING FROM WASHINGTON YOU ASSHOLE. This has been rolling downhill all over the planet for a year. Just because you only recently became aware of it doesn't mean it wasn't out there and it wasn't just as big as many of us said.

The second point shows nothing of the sort. This is about redemptions and people panicking, it's hardly the market passing judgment on the TARP. TARP hasn't even been started. That's analogous to saying that a miscarriage was God's way of saying that he didn't want someone to be a mother.

As for sending people to jail, for what? Doing stupid, but legal, things? Wanna make changes to the law and regs retroactive?!

That's fucked up, hermano. As someone who has supported you from the Draft movement on, it's absolutely shameful to me that you would politicize what is in fact a very real disaster. If this really is how you feel, then I have serious doubts about your temperament and capabilities. If I were to tally up good vs bad decisions under both you and Cornyn, I'd have to say that you're still solidly beating the hell out of Cornyn. And I'm still voting for you.

But I'm no longer voting FOR you. I'm now simply voting for the lesser of two evils and despite the fact that you're dumb enough to box yourself in on this, you're still the lesser of the two which ain't saying much.

Thanks a lot, Prick.

Posted by mcblogger at October 10, 2008 11:30 AM

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Well, this is what you get for supporting a candidate in the primary who had no positions on any important issues, and showed time and time again that he was completely devoid of a working understanding of public policy. But I guess you HAD to support him, because someone who knew his stuff like McMurrey had no chance of winning, right? Have fun supporting this douchebag for another month as he continues to run one of the worst campaigns I've ever seen. And when Cornyn beats the hell out of him, even though Cornyn has a terrible record and this is a great year for the Dems, maybe you'll think to yourself - "next time I'll support someone who's strong on the issues, instead of selling out my values for a guy who's running (like McCain) on his military record."

Posted by: Jeff Versteeg [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 10, 2008 03:54 PM

Jeff, your continuing love affair with Ray McMurrey would make more sense if he hadn't finished third behind Gene Kelley. He COULD NOT WIN.

Posted by: Mayor McSleaze [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 10, 2008 04:51 PM

Actually, he has some GREAT positions. He just happens to be wrong on this one and given McMurrey's all populism, little reality bullshit I'm sure he would have said the same thing.

Of course, had McMurrey been the candidate he wouldn't have even gotten the debate.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 10, 2008 08:48 PM

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