October 11, 2008

If People Don't Want To See A Movie, It's Hard To Stop Them

Pity the poor conservatives. First those evil home-buying minorities wreck their economy, now Hollywood libruls hvae somehow wrecked their movie.

That's right, when An American Carol opened last week, audiences stayed away in droves. How could such a thing happen? A movie making fun of Michael Moore? (Pretty cutting edge, if your calender is stuck on 2004.) And recycling hackneyed storytelling's most beloved Dickensian storyline? Say it ain't so, Joe. It must be... a conspiracy!

The producers of the liberal-bashing satire An American Carol claimed Tuesday that they had received reports of "ticket fraud," and suggested that it could be the reason why the film's weekend box-office figures were so low.

Seriously, guys, Kelsey Grammer plays George Patton? No wonder people would rather watch talking chihuahuas.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at October 11, 2008 07:30 AM

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