October 07, 2008

Campaign Updates

Really, I'm voting for all of you and I like a great many of you. Some of you, frankly, I can't stand and I promise I'll eviscerate you at every opportunity.

But that's enough about my feelings for little Patty Rose who, coincidentally, had a big, big, BIG fundraiser recently to celebrate his ability to take money from someone, then stab them in the back. Congrats, Patty!

I just gotta tell you that I LOVE the 18,000 emails I get a day from candidates around the country, not just those in Texas. At least 4,000 of them alone come from Jeff Merkley who is running in OR to unseat Sen. Smith who is just slightly more stable than the lady down the street who tried to kill her husband.

I kid. She's actually a rock in comparison to Smith who damn near went into seizures over the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (or, as I like to call it, the I Won't Have To Eat Ramen Economic Recovery Act Of 2008).

  • Sherrie Matula moves into the final stretch of the cycle with a BIG fundraising advantage over a certain Republican douche who unfortunately DIDN'T receive the endorsement of ParentPAC... Matula got that as well.
  • Sen. Brimer lost his appeal to get Wendy Davis off the ballot. With all the bullshit he's pulled, we're wondering not if Davis will beat him, but by how much
  • Some bitchface retard Governor of some state that has a total population less than Austin called Texas "Alaska's little sister". Why don't you come back after the election, say that over the PA in a bar and then try to make it to the door. I know more than a few ol' gals who would beat your hockey mom ass down like a baby seal.
  • Larry Joe is kicking some ass in CD 10. A recent poll has him within 5 points of Mike McCaul (R-Clear Channel). I'm moving this race to TOSS UP given Doherty's talent in the campaign organization and in media and McCaul's polling weakness. This is an election that is going to bring large numbers of voters who are outside the usual polling samples and those voters are going to be overwhelmingly Democratic.
  • We're still waiting to hear about Diana Maldonado's CFR. Word on the street is more than $200k was raised this quarter. This is a seat we KNOW is Democratic. We're only sad Diana has to win it from some nebbish and not from that ratfucker Krusee.
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