September 12, 2008

McThuselah and his minions

These are just a few of the WTF things that McThuselah has done that you may have missed. We're sure there's more, this is just the poop we caught.

  • McThuselah went to Ohio a while back to talk to autoworkers about how much he loves him some free trade. Oh, and what he's going to do to help folks who lose their jobs as a result of it.

    Instead, he said his job re-training proposals coupled with an “emphasis on new technology” in the automotive sector would boost employment.

    McCain, battling a slight cold, was responding to an employee at the Lordstown General Motors plant who asked him what he would to make trade agreements “a little bit more fair.”

    The presumptive GOP nominee said he does not believe “that every trade agreement is totally fair” and promised to “do everything in my power to make sure that trade practices practiced by our trading partners are fair and equitable.”

    See, this is what's funny about McThuselah and his shitty memory... We had programs to help retrain and educate workers for new programs. At least, we did until McThuselah and his Republican buddies killed it in the name of 'fiscal responsibility'.

    As for working to make things fair, there are some things that need to change in CAFTA to make it fair. And NAFTA. If you're not going to work to do that, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Other than pander and lie?
    (h/t TTB)

  • McThuselah goes to visit with the Log Cabin Republicans and tells them he's Mr. Gay Republican. Then he talks to conservatives in OH about how much he hates him some gays and is all about supporting an anti-gay marriage amendment. So, which is it?
  • The Daily Mail ran a great story about McThuselah's first wife, the one he abandoned when he started fucking Cindy. Of course, he can be excused from his wedding vows... after all, she did get fat and short. AFTER BEING INJURED IN A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. The sad part? She still loves the old son of a bitch. I wonder if he calls her a cunt.
  • On the subject of his incompetent and unusually laughable veep pick, she's apparently stonewalling on the investigation into her presumably illegal actions to get her former brother-in-law fired. Which makes her less a reformer and more just another corrupt politician. There is also some news out about her, well... there's no nice way to say this... LIES. As it turns out, that story about selling that state plane on the EBay wasn't altogether true. Apparently she had it listed on EBay but no one wanted it for the price she listed (which was exactly what the State of Alaska paid for it, $2.7mn). So, they handed it off to an airplane broker who ended up selling it at a loss of almost $700k. Which means she's about as good at managing taxpayer funds as any other Republican.

    I can totally see how she'd make the mistake of not know where something was actually sold and for how much. It's not like it was her money. She was just the one Alaskan's hired to look over it.

    There's also this list of lies, distortions and exaggerated myths about Palin. Which makes for a good read if you're looking for the real Sarah, especially since the media's not going to get a crack at her.

  • While McCain had slightly more viewers than Obama for his acceptance speech, his bounce appears to be rather meaningless. In the latest Gallup tacking poll (which includes the RNC and some of the most heated anti-Obama and Democratic Party lies and distortions speeches during it) Obama is almost within the margin of error in beating McThuselah with a decidedly skewed sample.
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