September 19, 2008

Are you there money? It's me, John Davis.

Last night while I was looking at all the money I've lost in my brokerage account (thank you Lehman bankruptcy! You're soooo totally my friend!) from the current financial collapse (not to be confused with the financial collapse of a few months ago. Or the one from last fall. Or the one from last summer) I started thinking about what I could do with some of the money I've not lost as the result of the collapse of a financial giant run by dipshits with MBA's from Wharton.

The most appropriate thing was to donate to Sherrie Matula. Because she rocks and because she's got a real douchebag for an opponent.

How big a douchebag you ask? Well, you know how his district was hit pretty hard by Ike? And how other politicos and candidates have suspended campaigning to help their friends and neighbors with recovery efforts? Yeah, he kinda said THA SHITS to all that and has decided to press on with a high rollin', lobbyist funded hoe down here in Austin where the power is still on and the drinks flow like water from a tap that's actually working. Which is kind of ironic since some of Johnny's constituents don't have running water in their homes.

I would say something stinks down in HD 129 but since we don't really know if Rep. Davis is even there, or even if he's in Texas, it's hard to pinpoint from exactly where the smell is coming. But we can say, with an unbelievable amount of certainty, that it is him that stinks.

Posted by mcblogger at September 19, 2008 12:58 AM

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