August 18, 2008

Yes, But Can Beer Goggles Work on Candidates?

So some English researchers spent some time and money (hopefully American because those exchange rates are AWESOME right now) doing some testing to find out that, No Shit Sherlock, the "Beer Goggles" effect really is real.

Turns out that booze may help mediocre men seem more fuckable and not just because of lowered inhibitions. Experimental psychologists at the University of Bristol in England gave 84 heterosexual college students chilled lime-flavored drinks that were either non-alcoholic or given a dose of vodka equivalent in alcohol to a large glass of wine or a pint-and-a-half of beer. After 15 minutes, the volunteers were shown photos of 40 other college students from both sexes.

Here's what they found: Both men and women who drank booze found these photos more attractive by roughly 10 percent and the effect was not specific to the opposite sex (meaning that your straight buddy may actually find you more attractive after a few vodka tonics and a backrub).

This leads us to two important issues.

One, this fantastic image.

Two, would they PLEASE find out if this effect applies to political candidates? Lord knows, it would help Texas Railroad Commission candidate Mark Thompson not look like a fucking train robber.

Posted by spamburgler at August 18, 2008 09:55 PM

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