August 14, 2008

We're here to protect you!

(Ed. Note : YOU MISS MEETINGS, YOU MISS OUT. Got it, Harry? Besides, our meetings, as always, are in a BAR. You're an attorney... it should be as natural as a courtroom to you!)

So I'm completely sucked into "Fair Labor Standards Act Litigation for F@#$ing Idiots" when I decide to come up for air and see what's doing in the other cubicles. Thanks SO MUCH, McBlogger and Mayor, for copying me on the memo that we were all supposed to be on strike! Not to mention the memo announcing that those Amalgamated douchebags sold us back the blog....NOT!

Anyway, I start catching up on the latest postings and the one about the cheapass elephant bribe really struck a chord with me. Because I, too, have an aging grandparent highly susceptible to such chicanery. Grampa Milo has really gone around the bend lately with his 2nd Amendment enthusiasm, to the point that JUST THIS WEEK he got a handwritten letter from Charlton Heston and immediately sent the fucker a check!

So consider this a Public Service Announcement: Old Folks reading this at home, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save your money and don't give into the chicanery and hucksterism out there. At this stage in life, you don't need to be worrying about all the political bogeymen out there and giving away your fixed income to anybody who sends you mail. No sir. What YOU need to be worrying about is ROBOTS! Big mean scary inhuman robots who want to take over your life and enslave you! Quick! Before it's too late! Buy Robot Insurance Today!

Just make out your check to the Balczac Insurance Agency, c/o Mother Egan's Pub, West 6th Street, Austin, TX ATTN: McBlogger Employee Morale Fund. Act Today - So You Can Sleep Well Tonight!

Posted by hbalczak at August 14, 2008 09:19 AM

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