August 12, 2008

REALLY stupid people and their worthless ideas

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course, THEY never had their good ideas copied by the The House Stooges. Fattie, Hypocrite and Voter Fraud have decided they are going to roll out some lame imitation of Gingrich's (and Luntz's) Contract with America thus fulfilling the dire predictions of their elementary teachers who chastised them for copying off the smart kid AND STILL FAILING THE TEST.

Why? Well, take a look what they want to roll out:

  • Appraisal caps... because they worked sooo well in California. Yes, the massive budget deficits the Golden State has enjoyed were directly related to this brilliant idea to cap the value of real estate used for ad valorem taxation at the previous sales price which overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy since they tend to move less. So Fattie and the boys thought, why not bring that kind of fiscal irresponsibility here?

    Of course, none of these folks are smart enough to realize that the problem with real estate taxes is that people no longer earn money from their land. Which means that values have become completely detached from productive capacity. Which means, and you had to see this coming, THAT WE NEED A NEW WAY TO TAX TO PAY FOR OUR GOVERNMENT. No new idea here, just an old bad one from folks who collectively have 20% of a retarded brain.

    I know! Let's tax the stupid people like these retards!

  • Passing Voter ID - Come on, Linda Lardass. Call the bill what it IS, the Keep The Poor Minorities From Voting Act. We know you masterminded this one. After all, while Phil and Bill don't really like the blacks and messicans, they sure as hell aren't clever enough to figure out a way to keep them out of the polls. We tried explaining to them why this was a bad idea, but they can't read, either. Just what we need... more bad legislation from a bunch of racist crackers.
  • Fighting illegal immigration - Again with the beating up on the messicans, eh? This one is sure to piss off a lot of stalwart Republican business owners who, frankly, LOVE them some inexpensive labor. People like Zachry Construction and Dr. Leininger. Of course, none of the merry band of stupidiots cares about the effect this will have on our economy as illegals PAY far more in taxes than they consume in services. Of course, they also build our houses and roads.
  • Eliminate sales tax exemptions... ON FOOD. Jesus, Phil, even Reagan didn't want to tax the food the poor need to survive. Taxing formula for babies. What an AWESOME idea. Word is that The Gluttonous Pig is not so much for this part of the Contract because it would disproportionately impact her income since she buys and consumes a disproportionate amount of food.
  • Oh, there's more and Vince has the deets at Capitol Annex. I really can't discuss more without having a barely suppressible desire to insert my leg, up to the knee, into Phil King's ass.

    And yes, I'm certain he'd enjoy every second of it.

    Posted by mcblogger at August 12, 2008 09:22 AM

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