August 28, 2008

It's a Man's (Political) World

What we learned this week:

Another man on man duo are nominated for POTUS and VP by the Democratic Party.

A high-powered, smart, opinionated woman is man-handled into become a simpering wifely, motherly, sisterly caricature of herself in order to make herself palatable to the American public (Michelle).

A high-powered, experienced national leader is reduced to "oh, what a good girl she is for gracefully exiting the stage". (Hillary) Gotta love it when a qualified woman is patted on the head for doing what she has always done - put country above self. The condescending bullshit about "if she had made a speech like that when she was running, she'd be the nominee now" has got to stop. The hope and change, looking for a Savior crowd weren't noticing that she's been that kind of leader, been that kind of speaker all along.

We have a nominee who surrounds himself with male advisors (well he's added a few women since the end of the primaries) and whose Texas leadership team is all male. Obama, you can do better than that and my suggestion is you start name dropping some high-powered qualified women who will be some of your closest advisors in your White House.

We've come a long way baby and if this is our time and this is our moment, I'd like to see where smart, talented, qualified women fit into that scenario.

Posted by Boobilicious at August 28, 2008 06:36 AM

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