July 14, 2008

You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie

This is Bastille Day. I became aware of the French Revolution when my father first plunked Allan Sherman's latest record, My Son The Nut on the hifi one day in 1963. There followed, in the majesty of monaural sound, to the tune of La Marseillaise...

Louis the Sixteenth was the King of France
In 1789
He was worse than Louis the Fifteenth
He was worse than Louis the Fourteenth
He was worse than Louis the Thirteenth
He was the worst
Since Louis the First

My parents' somewhat evasive explanations about just what a guillotine was and just why it might have been employed to leave a king with "no place to wear your crown" didn't entirely satisfy my seven-year-old curiosity. And the rest is history. Or my love of history, anyway.

I suppose if instead I had been more taken with Sherman's witty deconstruction of suburbia Here's To The Crabgrass my shelves might groan under the weight of sociological tomes instead.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at July 14, 2008 04:22 PM

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Only song I remember in my youth about royalty was Henry the VIII by Herman’s Hermit, and that he had some chick’s head cut off. Strangely, this song lead to a string of events that ended five years later with my mom finding the Playboy stash in my closest. I never liked the monarchs after that.

Posted by: Captain Kroc [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 14, 2008 09:44 PM

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