July 28, 2008

Why is CapMet hating on ACL?

Once a year everyone thanks Cap Met for doing a good job for running the shuttle service during Austin City Limits. Especially people like me who can't avoid downtown (we like to drink) and really want to be able to catch our standard parking spaces. Without that shuttle, central would become a zoo of trashed out beaters parked two and three deep, a wonderland for the tow trucks but a nightmare for us. While I avoid ACL because I'm allergic to smelly people and hot environments without waitstaff, I'm a HOOOGE fan of that shuttle.

Now Cap Met's Republican leadership and counsel are saying they can no longer provide this needed service because of Federal rules. But, transportation authorities in other cities say Cap Met can provide the service. Cities like Chicago and Boston.

Now we are hearing from people affiliated with Austin City Limits that transit authorities in these other cities are indeed correct, that this sort of service is allowed under the guides and Cap Met's extreme view of the Federal regulations is more in line with that of hard right Republicans than reality.

For years Cap Met has received applause and thanks for providing the shuttle service to move over 200,000 people in and out of the Zilker Park area. The staff has been welcoming and a helpful addition to the event. Plus, Capital Sports and Entertainment, the organizers of Austin City Limits, even pay a premium rate for the service. Of course, making money has never been the strong suit of the Republican leadership at Cap Met.

One has to wonder if this is some kind of Republican reprisal for Capital Sports and Entertainment's strong support of Obama? One also has to wonder why the hell these incompetents are working at Cap Met. These are the same folks who think that the increase in ridership is not due to the increase in gas prices. Smart folks, these.

And who are these people? The ones that come straight out of the offices of DeLay, Phil Graham, Dick Shelby and Ed Kuempel and view the City's needs through the lenses of cranky, conservative, people?

Cap Met needs to immediately reverse its decision on providing shuttle service to Austin City Limits and its Board needs to consider removing the current management.

Cap Met needs the good public relations of getting 200,000 new riders, not bad press making 200,000 fight over parking spaces, walk for miles and potentially destroy the future of Austin City Limits. Not to mention the hell they'll catch from the Downtown Business Alliance when my spending drops to zero that weekend.

Don't laugh... I AM keeping several bars and restaurants afloat. And for those of you thinking this is all a bunch of partisan crap, keep in mind Democrats aren't running Cap Met. The Republicans ARE. It's high time competence, rather than ideological bullshit, made a comeback.

Posted by mcblogger at July 28, 2008 01:23 PM

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