July 17, 2008

Time to clean house at CapMetro

Yesterday, our transit agency announced the sudden departure of the Rail Director. This comes a week after a derailment of a rail car carrying Federal Transportation officials in town to sign off on the commuter train operation. No, I'm not joking. The damn thing went off the rails, which is the current destination of commuter and light rail in Austin if we don't remove all the losers at CapMetro and replace them with competent professionals.

This also comes shortly after the flight of the Chairman, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. None of which were particularly a great loss.

We need a good transit system now. I think everyone is screaming for it. And at a time that the city is demanding what Cap Met always said they could produce, they seem to be able to only screw up. Over and over and over again. Moreover, the remaining 'leadership' at CapMetro does anything but lead and seems uniquely incapable of doing anything right. They've lost the support of the rank and file personnel and now they should lose the support of the City and everyone else.

Commuter Rail is neither on time nor on budget. This isn't surprising since its builder didn't deliver his last project, ABIA, on time or on budget. Sure they opened it on time, but it went through five years of extreme change orders.

Who selected the same company who converted ABIA? Why none of there than the retarded senior level management at CapMetro. And where did they come from? Straight from federal and state Republican leadership. The same people who say we can drill for oil where there is none. The same folks who think you can keep kids from having sex by asking them not to, despite all evidence to the contrary. The same folks who brought us electricity deregulation, though thankfully that one didn't take hold here.

We want public transit that works for this city. These Republicans seem hell bent on building a operation to hire their pals, give out sweetheart contracts, fly all over the country and play with our tax dollars. Enough is enough... it's time they be employed where they belong... nowhere.

We need to immediately call for a replacement of the management of Cap Met. And we need to find a management that will take advantage of this demand from the city for good public transit that challenges us to change the way we think.

Posted by mcblogger at July 17, 2008 08:21 PM

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