July 03, 2008

Stop Surrogate Silliness

Actually, we kind of agree with the WaPo on this one... bitching and moaning about what a surrogate says is kind of dumb. Unless that surrogate happens to hit on something accurately.

Which Gen. Clark did. The WaPo, of course, doesn't like it. After all, he was pointing out that their beloved (and they've been loving McCain for two decades) didn't deserve a free pass into the White House because he was a POW. They also know, or should know, that this would be FAR nastier if McCain was a Democrat. You know damn well, there'd be people at the RNC with POW band-aids on, dishonoring those who have been wounded or died while serving the nation.

I'll make you a deal, WaPo. You stop asking the Obama campaign what they think and start talking to General Clark about what he actually said. Don't editorialize and tell us he 'demeaned McCain's service'. We already know he didn't do that. Everyone knows that wasn't what he meant. Well, everyone that is except the narrow sliver of the electorate that is on or watches Fox.

But no one gives a damn about them, anyway. They were handing out the Purple Heart band-aids in 2004.

Posted by mcblogger at July 3, 2008 12:11 PM

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