July 19, 2008

Ed Gillespie, The Retard's Retard

On Bloomberg Thursday evening, one of President Bush's many idiots, Ed Gillespie, told the simpleton interviewer that there was enough shale oil in the west to provide us with oil 'forever'. Ed also believes that there's BILLIONS OF BARRELS OF OIL on the continental shelf. Which there could be if a couple of things are true...

1) Oil is abiotically created
2) 90% of the 'VAST' supply of oil is on the 20% of the OCS where drilling is currently prohibited
3) There's some magical oil fairy that put it all there just minutes ago

On the topic of the shale oil, you'd have to flatten the Rocky Mountains. I bet some people in New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado would kinda be irritated about that.

What makes Ed say such stupid things? Well, as it turns out, Ed's resume is a little light on energy. It's heavy on political jobs. In fact, they're damn near all he's ever had. That may explain why he thinks you can easily get oil out of rock. Well, that AND pump it out of where it's not.

Drill here? Drill now? Pay less? No. THERE'S.NOT.ENOUGH.THERE.


Posted by mcblogger at July 19, 2008 11:10 AM

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