June 03, 2008

Will she or won't she?

Here's the obligatory link to the news... Whether it's tonight or this week, it seems likely Clinton's out. Which shatters my belief in justice, truth and the strange idea that the seemingly impossible can happen (or is real).

Which means I'm also fucked on the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Environmentalist Republicans (which I'm convinced exist). Not to mention that whole winning the lottery plan which, up until now, has been my retirement strategy. And yes, I do underwrite loans for a living.

So, what's next? Some think that both Clinton and Obama may be here this weekend for the convention. Others, like me are PISSED AS HELL because now EVERYONE is going to be running as an Obama delegate. Which means delegate selection will be ENDLESS. Which, in turn, will delay my arrival at a bar of my choosing. While I won't be running for national, I will be voting so, a word to the wise, if you're in SD 14 KEEP.IT.SHORT.

I'm very persuasive and will shit can the first person who goes over 60 seconds. Seriously, who are you, why do you want this, and what will you do when you return. That's what we need to know. Anything more is ego masturbation and an automatic 'I hate you'. We also won't tell you where we're going to drink which will mean you'll be forced to enjoy Bennigan's on Riverside. BY YOUR SELF.

Finally, I'm not particularly glad this is over. I still have serious doubts about Sen. Obama in the general. That doesn't mean I won't vote for him or that I don't think he's a swell guy. However, I do have doubts about whether he's mean enough. Many of you out there are true believers. Take some time to convince me.

And do it without using the words 'hope' or 'change'.

Posted by mcblogger at June 3, 2008 11:35 AM

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