April 25, 2008

No deal, What's-your-name

What’s-his-name, the editorial page editor for the AAS, drops a response in Wednesday’s op-ed about the CWS Capital Partners “compromise” with neighborhood groups and the city. He thinks it’s wonderful and harmonious.

Let’s see, the city gets 1.5 acres (that’s one point five) and CWS gets to pretty well build whatever they originally asked for. Please remind me not to take what’s-his-name with me when I go to negotiate my next car purchase. I’ll end up paying more than sticker price and signing over the deed of my home to the dealership.

What's-his-name needs to retire from serious journalism and go shill for the chamber of commerce, or better yet, go work as a cub reporter for the Austin Business Journal.

How’s this for negotiating with CWS – Get your sorry ass out of Austin and go to Round Rock or some such place that loves to coddle developers.

Have we lost our freaking collective minds? It’s like existing in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” I have to keep checking under my bed for a pod that will change me into “harmony zombie” for developers.

Make no mistake, a bad moon has already risen. This is just a continuation of the slippery slope for complete capitulation to developers. Already weak variances about development on the shores of Lady Bird Lake will be even more diluted.

Don't count on the current city council members or most of the candidates to have your back. Except for Robin Cravey, the rest come across as cookie-cutter clones. Well, maybe not Allen Demling, even though his Kinky Friedman phase is a sticking point. The rest remind me of the song “Cry” by 10CC where morphing faces keep singing the same dreary verses that lull you into a dream-like trance, though the words to the song pretty well sum up what the rest of us think about this election. What we need is a Public Enemy or AC/DC attitude. OK, maybe an angry Springsteen.

Yeah, I can be silly with my disgust. You got a problem with that, slick?

Posted by Captain Kroc at April 25, 2008 11:30 PM

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