April 09, 2008

Balczak Will Stay In Race

It has come to my attention that a document has recently circulated on the Internets which purports to list the SD 14 delegation in its entirety. It appears my name was mistakenly omitted by the document's mysteriously anonymous author. Naturally, this typographical error has created a widespread impression that I am, in fact, NOT going to be a state delegate this year.

Admittedly, this race has changed since late February, back when it seemed my state delegate status seemed all but inevitable. But I have slogged through this long, hard and vigorous campaign and I'm still in it to win it. When my red cell phone rang at 9:45 a.m. last Saturday and some frantic precinct coordinator screamed "Where the !@#$% are you?!?!?!", I dutifully answered the call and drove to the Travis County Expo Center. It didn't matter that I was hella hung over (i took an earlier call on the big white phone at 6:40 a.m., if you know what I mean)...because my precinct needed me. When the vast Obamaniac conspiracy turned out to deny me my rightful spot as a precinct-elected state delegate, I fought back the tears and pushed onward. When I first tried to turn in my at-large candidacy application at the district convention, a large, angry, blinged-out guy with a mohawk beat my ass senseless right there in the middle of the arena floor as a massive throng of onlookers stood and cheered - just like in Rocky III. But I ignored the prevailing sentiment and kept at it. Just like the producers of Rocky IV and V.

Today, I'm here to tell you that I'm still fighting. And I'm not going to let some smoke-filled backroom "nominations committee" (whatever one of those things are) with their antidemocratic closed-door "meetings" and uppity lists of "approved people" decide the fate of my candidacy. I'm in this until EVERYONE not totally and irrevocably opposed to me maybe being a delegate has a chance to weigh in with their opinion, even while my opponents hide behind underhanded technicalities like only counting votes of district delegates living in my precinct, or disregarding people just because they didn't participate in the Democratic primary at all...or did, but not in Texas (can you say "splitting hairs?").

To all my supporters out there, don't give up. I. Will. Not. Quit. This. Race. (and for all you internet readers out there who can't see me, I'm holding out my left hand and doing that remote control clicky gesture as I say this). We will fight all the way to Denver. And stay until December, if necessary. You don't want an inauguration with all that awkward "unsettled business" vibe looming over DC. That's all I'm sayin'. Just give me the damn delegate slot already and no property gets destroyed. Did I mention I'm a lawyering lawyer who litigates lawsuits about law stuff?

Posted by hbalczak at April 9, 2008 10:32 AM

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