April 27, 2008

And So It Goes...

Following Austin City Politics this election cycle has been as informative as it has been entertaining. We certainly have a unique group of candidates doing their part to Keep Austin Weird for sure. However, we are exceptionally lucky in that we have some very strong candidates who are sure to make many positive, progressive changes which our great city so desperately needs.

For starters, Jennifer Gale, a perennial candidate running this time for Austin CIty Council Place 4 has taken her share of the criticizm, in my opinon unfairly so. One of the groups went so far as to disclude her from participating in it's candidate forum where each of the other five candidates were welcome! They claimed that Ms. Gale was not a "serious" candidate however, no one questioned Ken Vasseaus participation...? Dont get me wrong, Jennifer is a character but she is also informed, has held her own in more than one election and is not afraid to tell it like it is. I find her refreshing and must say that she is doing a hell of a lot more than most people in this city. She does'nt whine about what should be she speaks her mind and is'nt afraid to sing about it either!!! Give her a break please!

Yet another important endorsement in the City Council race was announced yesterday as the Austin American Statesman unveiled its choices. I work hard to point out that endorsements are not always the best source of information, I very often disagree with endorsement choices especially AHEM Statesman Endorsements (I will continue to encourage all of you to do your own research and make an informed and wise decision) but today I am going to praise them...I think they may actually be paying attention...Based on their informed and wise choices which you can read about here...

As you may have gathered, Mr. Cravey running for Place 4 is a favorite of mine. I was excited to see him add the Statesman to his list of endrosements (Capital City Young Democrats, South West Austin Democrats, League of Bicycling Voters and Clean Water Action. )

Dont forget that early voting starts tomorrow at 7am, you can vote at various locations all around the city so inconveninece is NO EXCUSE! Election Day is May 10!

Posted by Lovelie99 at April 27, 2008 01:20 PM

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