March 26, 2008

Who'll be the loser?

EOW has the deets on the two men vying to be beaten down by Diana Maldonado

PhotobucketDee Hobbs - The establishment favorite, Hobbs has a pittance in funding. He's a WillCo Ass. D.A. He's filled with a mixture of vinegar and water.

PhotobucketBryan Daniel - He sells insurance which is rad. Especially when people like Bryan hold up people like me from funding a loan because they've managed to screw something up on the insurance. But I'm sure Bryan would never do something like that. He's too busy raising money which he'll spend on embarrassing ads featuring him and his family in a vain attempt to beat Maldonado.

Both of these mooks support Tom CradDICK and are 'against the TTC' and, maybe, tolls? Sure. Right. And Mikey Krusee was going to fight to raise the gas tax. I'd sooner believe OJ's account of the murder than that these boys are against tolls. These two are also all about school vouchers (which will go over really big with the folks in Round Rock who have good public schools) and they love the idea of increasing the sales tax. Because that'll solve all our financial problems on the backs of the poor.

What a bunch of freaks. No matter who Maldonado defeats, both these asshats are LOSERS.

Posted by mcblogger at March 26, 2008 08:52 AM

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