March 05, 2008

The Recap

OK, so maybe I'm a little upset about the poor decision making on the part of some of you. Still there are some bright spots. For one thing, Hillary had a fabulous evening. Noriega is not in a runoff and one CradDICK D went down last night. Actually, CradDICK's money really didn't have as much of an impact as feared as Phillip points out. I'll go a little further out that Phillip on HD 78... I think this is a pickup in the general with Haggerty out of the way.

Now, the bad news... Dale Henry IS in a runoff, with someone named Mark Thompson. CD 10 was bought and paid for by some self-financing from Larry Joe Doherty. Honestly, I'll vote for the guy but I'll hold my nose while I do it. There are some big issues where there is a little difference between LJD and McCaul. Maybe that will change, but for now I feel like we're putting up a DINO. I know from talking to people at my convention last night that people voted ballot placement or media. The few that saw Dan's ad voted for him. Most of them didn't, and those folks didn't have a decision making process that extending beyond "pick 'em" which they proudly admitted while festooned with presidential crap from head to toe. As predicted, the Presidential race sucked all the air and concern for the down ballot.

The other massive disappointments were Maxey and Thompson. On Thompson, the Mayor has been on my ass for even thinking that he had a chance. Still, I had a lot of faith in Democratic voters especially to vote for their best interests. Maybe they did... but I fail to see how. The only people who have apparently benefited from Dawnna's reign have been members of her family and and a few developers with whom she has what can best be described as a special relationship. Maybe it is all a racial thing or even a homophobic thing.

In Maxey's race there just aren't words. A Democrat who supports Republican voter ID laws will be our candidate. So much for Travis County being a progressive paradise.

Sorry about the tone but there were some big races locally that really took me by surprise. One thing is sure, newspapers now have as much endorsement impact as the blogs. That is to say, nada.

I'd seriously love to hear y'alls thoughts on all this. If you voted for some of these folks, tell us why. Email or the comments work great... if you're a trusted user your comment will appear without moderation. If not, I'll have to enable it but I promise I will.

The one thing I feel certain of... the desire for change in Travis County didn't extend beyond the Presidential race.

Posted by mcblogger at March 5, 2008 12:07 PM

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