March 18, 2008

Randi Shade likes queso (and, apparently, tolls)

The city council elections are coming up May 10 and to say I'm excited would be like saying Tina Fey is mildly amusing. I'm ecstatic. Because of endorsement meetings with Jennifer Gale. That's right. That's what has me excited. You people that go to those meetings and bemoan the fact that you've got to listen to her are idiots with no appreciation for her unique comedic talents. Normally you'd have to pay cover and buy two drinks to get that kind of a show.

I'm just thrilled to be quite honest and will try to make as many of her performances as possible. Of course, I will not be voting for her. I'll be voting for one of the other, less amusing though slightly more sane, nuts.

McSleaze and I will be keeping a close watch on the candidates. Mostly because we want to see the moment when a candidate turns into a shit flinging monkey.

Today though, we'd like to point you to a few things floating around, like poop in the toilet at that 7-11 in Round Rock I stopped at today. First off, there's David Mauro's breakdown of the candidates running this year. No Brewster isn't there so you'll not have a chance to vote against him. That's next year. This year we have these folks. Among them, Randi Shade and Cid Galindo stand out, kind of like a guy in a suit at Casino el Camino. Matt at BOR recently posted this piece about Randi and some of her contributors. Randi then posted this piece which is mostly interesting because of the back forth between m1ek, Sal Costello and Kedron Touvell. Oh, and me.

Yeah, yeah... I know there are other issues besides the toll roads but can you think of one that effects as many issues as transportation infrastructure? Randi is coming across more and more as just another politico more interested in a short term fix than a long term solution that might take some work.

Posted by mcblogger at March 18, 2008 09:07 AM

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Really looking forward to voting against Brewster and Sharon Cole next time around. Their opposition to council districts has been really underhanded.

Posted by: McIndependant [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 18, 2008 10:43 PM

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