March 14, 2008

Keeping things in perspective

While Elliot Spitzer's actions are sad and all, let's keep things in perspective...

o Democratic president consorts with intern: Impeachment, no conviction.

o Democratic governor consorts with prostitutes (overtones of unsafe sex): Choice of resignation or impeachment.

o Republican senator consorts with prostitutes (overtones of diaper-wearing): No big deal.

o Republican senator solicits gay sex in men's room: Human punchline, Ethics Committee admonishment.

o Republican vice president shoots hunting buddy in the face: No big deal. Victim apologizes.

o Republican president starts war under false pretenses, tortures prisoners, wiretaps American citizens without warrants, etc, etc, etc.: Impeachment "off the table."

o Republican-appointed CENTCOM commander displays sound tactical and strategic judgment that stands in the way of Dubya's shiny new war: Forced to resign.

And let's not forget this bitch (here and here) whose return to the OK House of Reps was treated like a homecoming after doing something brave. Instead of the shunning she richly deserves for being just another badly dressed bigot who thinks homosexuals are a bigger threat than, well... anything. According to her. I guess she doesn't realize that the people who should feel threatened by gays are the badly dressed and coiffed.

Posted by mcblogger at March 14, 2008 09:39 AM

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