March 20, 2008

HERA (hearts) Equality Texas

The Houston Equal Right Alliance is announcing is integrating with Equality Texas. Together, they will work to make LGBT Texans safe from discrimination. And, hopefully, polyblend (seriously, have you seen some of the hideous things people are wearing around with a straight face?)

Full release in the supersize... where all the big boys belong.

Houston Equal Rights Alliance (HERA) Announcement EXCITING NEWS!!!

HERA to Integrate with Equality Texas

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The past four to five years have been amazing as we have
seen much progress in terms of electing pro-equality
legislators both at the local and statewide level. HERA has
been the lead organization during this time in identifying
voters, reaching out to the Houston community through our
educational work and building alliances with other GLBT and
progressive organizations. We are proud of our
accomplishments including the identification of literally
thousands and thousands of voters since 2004 who said that
they would without hesitation support gay, lesbian, bisexual
and transgender civil rights. Our progress....simply
put...has been because of YOUR faith and support.

With progress comes change...and we are excited to announce
that as of March 15, 2008 that HERA will officially
integrate with Equality Texas. Equality Texas is our
statewide political organization working to advance the
cause of equality for all Texans. Equality Texas, whose
programmatic and advocacy work across the state has mirrored
HERA's in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Equality
Texas has been a longtime alliance partner of the Houston
Equal Rights Alliance and we are proud of our collaborative
and successful efforts.

HERA's Board of Director's began a dialogue last year with
Equality Texas about how we could best achieve our common
goals and objectives in the Houston metro area. The
decision was made by both Boards to look at the possibility
of an integration. Since then, we have talked to many of
our supporters to get feedback on the proposed integration.
The dialogue and feedback were overwhelmingly positive and
this resulted in our respective Board's adopting a proposal
to integrate HERA with Equality Texas.

There are three primary reasons why the HERA Board voted to
integrate with Equality Texas.

a.. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Equality
Texas and the work the organization is doing across the
State of Texas. We have always considered the success of
Equality Texas core to our work in Houston. This
integration represents an opportunity for Equality Texas
to have a greater level of infrastructure and support in
the greater Houston metro area.
b.. This integration is a natural progression for HERA
considering our key areas: building alliance
relationships, developing infrastructure and a strategic
focus looking out to the next 3-5 years and beyond.
c.. The primary reason is that this integration is in the
best interests of the Houston GLBT community. All the
work and accomplishments through HERA have always been
about serving our community and this decision is no
This is a "win-win" situation because Equality Texas will
benefit from the infrastructure that HERA has developed
through the years and the Houston community wins because we
will have a larger presence with our statewide organization.
We need Equality Texas to be successful...not just for
Houston but for the place we all call home...Texas. The
HERA Board is working to make this integration successful
and we will continue to work with and support Equality Texas
until the day when the gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender community is no longer treated as second-class

Your support has been and will be critical going forward.
Because of your commitments of time and financial support,
we have achieved incredible programmatic, electoral and
grassroots achievements. And as we look ahead, the HERA
Team is asking you to support Equality Texas because this is
an organization that is truly making a difference 365 days
a year for our community.

Please visit to learn more about
Equality Texas.

Keep an eye out for an announcement about our Launch
Party!!!! You will have an opportunity to learn more about
the exciting plans for 2008 and beyond.

Thank you again for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!

For Equality,

Rob Scamardo

Tammi Wallace
Founding Board Member, Former Executive Director and
Immediate Past President

About the Houston Equal Rights Alliance (HERA)

The Houston Equal Rights Alliance (HERA) is an alliance of
individuals and organizations committed to building a
sustainable strategy through community building to promote
equality and respect for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transgender people through education and advocacy.


Thank you for all of your amazing support over the years!!!! The
years ahead are going to be exciting as we push forward with
Equality Texas to work on behalf of gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender civil rights.

Look for details on our upcoming Launch Party !!!! You will be
able to hear more about the exciting plans for 2008 and beyond!

Please visit to learn more about the amazing work of our
statewide organization.

The HERA Board wishes to express our deepest appreciation for Paul
Scott, Executive Director of Equality Texas and to the Board for
their dialogue, openness and commitment to this integration and
putting our communities best interests in the forefront at every



You are the absolute best! All of your blood, sweat and tears
have made a difference in Houston and will continue to do so. We
look forward to working with you through Equality Texas!!!


Every voter ID, discussion with a voter about GLBT civil rights,
political victory, etc., is because you funded work that has truly
made a difference in Houston! Every dollar made a difference and
we thank you for your support!


Thank you for every hour, every meeting, collaborative effort and
working together for a cause we all believe in - EQUALITY!

Click here to learn more about Equality Texas:

Mission and Values
Board and Staff
Press Room
Upcoming Events

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work in Houston:

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For more information about the Equality Texas-HERA integration,
please contact:

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