March 12, 2008

Buying the best

Harold Meyerson has a pretty good article about Gov. Spitzer's premium-brand vice in today's Washington Post. The gist being "$5500? I don't think I could come up with a fantasy worth that much. But of course, really it's all about being rich enough that you can shell out that kind of coin without flinching, because you're Mister Big Time So Rich Can Afford Fitty-Fie-Dollah-Hoes Man."

I'm paraphrasing the point of the article, of course. Harold isn't down with the youth street lingo these days like I am. But he makes a point. The same instinct that led Gov. Spitzer to drop major coin on high caliber chickage-for-hire compels me to purchase expensive dijon mustard at Central Market. It's way overpriced and I'm pretty sure its liberal proportion of horseradish is going to leave me without any nasal mucous membrane in my old age, but I can take comfort in knowing that my success in life allows me to buy it instead of Hill Country mustard from HEB; which, to be honest, probably tastes better. (...especially when applied to the exquisite thighs of a $5500 Ho, I'll bet). Some wildly successful men are all about the finest and best hos. I'm all about the fanciest mustard. That's just how I roll.

How about y'all? What do you pay too much for in order to conspicuously highlight your achievements in life?

Posted by hbalczak at March 12, 2008 02:22 PM

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