March 05, 2008

As The Dust Settles, Some Thanks And An Observation

Well, the cross-fire hurricane has come and gone and after twelve hours or so of breathing pure oxygen and drinking rain water I'm finally able to type and think somewhat coherently about what went down on March 4.

I want to give huge thanks to Chris Elliot, Garry Brown, Elizabeth Yevitch, and all the rest of the hardworking folks down at the Travis County Democratic Party for the incredible training sessions they conducted and all the documents they provided on conducting the precinct conventions. You guys rock!

And thanks to Sister Ruth and Captain Croc and McBlogger and everyone else I spent time with going over the rules and debating what they really meant, raising questions, seeking clarity. You guys rock as well!

And thanks to everyone who actually showed up on Tuesday night to stand in line for more than an hour or two, sign in, and even if you left without doing anything else, you left having been a part of an historic event.

In a usual year my precinct might have ten or twelve people show up... I'd been trying to make myself imagine what it would be like if a hundred, or maybe even a hundred and fifty showed up. In the end it was more than 425. So thanks to everyone who helped us move to a bigger room, and then finally an auditorium. You guys rock as well.

And finally, an observation. During the few weeks leading up to Primary Day, both national campaigns did a great jobsof spreading distrust and paranoia about all the dirty tricks the other side would be using to steal the election. And of course the Net has been buzzing with tales of wrongdoing; sign-in sheets from caucuses appearing mysteriously in mensroom paper towel dispensers, buses with out-of-stae plates showing up loaded with people demanding to caucus, all sorts of wild stories. Having been through yesterday's storm, watching what happens when people are overwhelmed by crowds, people who've never done this kind of thing but have decided this is their moment to save democracy... well, mistakes get made. Forms get filled out wrong. People lose things, they leave things behind. But I believe that by and large these are honest mistakes that, when they hit the internet and start being posted and reposted by folks who rather TYPE ALL IN CAPS than take a breath, a story becomes a rumor becomes OMG WHAT HILLARY/OBAMA WILL DO TO WIN OMFG!

There's no doubt that politics is a sport not for the squeamish, and keeping an eye on what the other side is up to is always advisable. But the notion that either campaign's successes can be laid at the feet of orchestrated dirty deeds, bullshit says I.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at March 5, 2008 07:22 PM

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