February 05, 2008

Tolls : This week in BS

  • Today is the Joint Committee hearing on TXDOT. Sal is liveblogging it and so far we have Tran Commissioner Saenz admitting to Senator Watson that he's incompetent. That's right, a Transportation Commissioner of the State of Texas admitted he was incompetent and that the poor mouthing TXDOT has been doing is based on nothing.

    Keep going, Kirk. Do what Carona was too fat and lazy to do.

  • Dewhurst is apparently not buying TXDOTs protestations of poverty...

    “I’m at a loss to see why they’re saying (that) now when we’ve given them additional tools they’ve chosen not to take advantage of,” Dewhurst said in an interview late Friday afternoon. “It appears they haven’t used them. Maybe we’re wrong.” TxDOT officials were not available early Monday for comment. But I’ll be hearing from them later in the day and will post what they have to say.
  • TXDOT is looking for people to serve on Corridor 'Advisory Committees'. This gives ordinary citizens (you and me) a chance to feel like we're 'part of the process' and 'being listened to' without actually, you know, listening us or giving us any real power. Cool, no?

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