February 11, 2008

Notes on the TAC race

  • Oh, this isn't good at all. Recently, and after the recent Voter ID hearing, Nelda Wells Spears, our current TAC, was asked why she'd never taken the time to defend the right to vote in testimony to the Lege on their idiotic Voter ID bills. Her response is chilling...

    Ms. Spears response was shocking. She said she thought requiring ID and proof of citizenship when registering to vote was a great idea and something we needed.

    No one is sure if Nelda knows she was tacitly supporting Jim Crow laws and poll taxes. I would assume she does but lets be honest, so much has come out about her this cycle that it really wouldn't surprise me if she didn't realize she was actively supporting the disenfranchisement of minorities.

  • I didn't realize it but there IS a Republican who has filed to run against either Glen or Nelda, Don Zimmerman. His ass website can be found here. If you even think of voting for this guy you are out of your mind. Why? He takes publicity shots with people like Ron Paul and Gerald the Gargantuan. Oh, and he's a PaulTard, one of those people so in love with the Austrian School that they are blind to the fact that it's mostly a massive load. Of doodie.

    He also fought valiantly asked a bond issue that would have helped RRISD expand it's strained school system. He was operating under the assumption that portabuildings are good enough for the poor kids who have to go to public school. You're one hell of a guy, Zimmerman! Fighting to keep kids from going to good schools and receiving a good education. Here's a pic of him with his gross pals.

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