February 22, 2008

Muth's (half) Truths and outright lies

Vouchers are a great idea, according to some guy named Muth. So is a Contract with Conservatives. Welcome to the world of the nutter right blogosphere.

In Muth's world, public education is a bottomless money pit into which our tax dollars sink. Of course, he's right if only because we haven't been putting enough into them since the 1980's.

There is only one way to truly improve the public schools…and paying teachers more money ain’t it.

The only way to force the public schools to perform better is to force them to compete with other schools. And that means giving parents the power and the authority and the means to make a free choice in education.

If the neighborhood, government-run, union-controlled public school does an adequate job in a safe environment, parents will send their kids there. If not, they’ll send their kids elsewhere. It’s as American as apple pie.

This is the exact same concept as the Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarships. Students who qualify can go to any approved public OR PRIVATE college or university in Nevada. Why shouldn’t the parents of elementary or secondary school kids have the same choice? Our priority should be on saving our students’ futures, not saving our schools.

Where to begin... first off, if you invest just enough money into a company to keep it going but not enough to really improve effiency and production, you have what's called a stripper company. For a while, things will be OK. However, as your capital investment continues at a super low rate, you'll lose your best staff and eventually you'll start losing money. That's basically what Republicans have done to public schools. By not making necessary investments in Teacher pay and pensions, not to mention our substandard facilities, we're seeing poor test scores and substandard educations.

The Republican answer? Rather than admitting the error and correcting it, they decide to throw up their hands and scrap the whole thing by giving folks vouchers. In Texas, your voucher would be around 6-7k per year. You'll need all that and more to send your kid to a private school. Think about paying 8-10k PER SEMESTER.

Of course, the point is ALWAYS lost on Republicans that if WE put 20k per year per student into public schools they'd be in pretty good shape, too.

Posted by mcblogger at February 22, 2008 01:51 PM

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