February 20, 2008

More problems in Iraq

Apparently, our troops are having some problems with our Iraqi friends.

The biggest reason for the recent drop in violence in Iraq, especially among our troops, has been the Iraqi civilian brigades known as the Awakening Movement. These are Sunnis who have joined the United States forces in fighting al-Queda in Iraq. These groups have been a huge help to U.S. troops.

But eveidently, the U.S. troops aren't getting enough training or enough intelligence, because they have been attacking fighters from the Awakening Movement without provocation. And the Iraqis don't like it. While they are trying to help us, they must be as afraid of our troops as the enemy. It looks like our soldiers can't tell their friends from their enemies in Iraq.

Because of this, the AM fighters in at least two provinces are saying they will no longer fight with U.S. troops. In Babil and Diyala provinces, our troops are once again on their own. This is not making progress -- this is going backwards. You can't blame the AM fighters. Why should they help our troops when we are attacking them?

This is just more evidence why we must get our troops out of Iraq. Bush has placed them in the middle of a civil war, where they can't tell their friends from their enemies. Instead of winning friends, we are losing them. Is it any wonder that the casualties are starting to rise again?

Enough. Let them fight their civil war and bring our friends and family home.

Posted by mcblogger at February 20, 2008 06:47 PM

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