February 24, 2008

Governor Warped

Commenting on Governor Rick Perry’s lack of political savvy serves little purpose since enough Texas voters bought his sales pitch and reelected him.

On the other hand, his book, “On My Honor”, gives the rest of us a chance to remark on his frame of mind, which seems to have meandered into some bizarre, paranoid realm.

The fact that no mainstream publisher would touch this rubbish should indicate that Perry has gone off the deep end. More troubling is that the book’s proceeds are slated to destroy an organization that battles for our civil liberties, promote hatred towards gays and lesbians, and purge college professors.

Though the governor denounces the ACLU for draining the Boy Scouts resources, blame the scouts for their financial situation since paying lawyers to defend their discriminatory ways prevents that money from being used for humanitarian purposes and taking care of their bills.

Another Perry desire is to fire college professors who have different beliefs than him. If parents read the conservative and corporatist propaganda forced into their children’s junior high and high school books by school boards, they would thank the colleges for instilling true patriotic, civic, and family values of shared responsibility and community support rather than the greed and self-serving mentality foisted on them by right-wing philosophy.

The biggest disappointment of Perry’s ramblings is his corruption of the Boy Scout ideals for his personal political agenda. The thought that he was a member of that proud organization makes one shudder with disgust.

Posted by Captain Kroc at February 24, 2008 05:23 PM

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