January 31, 2008

Thank you, Free Market Foundation!

The Free Market Foundation, a group financed almost entirely by the same big businesses that have been bleeding Texans dry for years, has decided to take on the bipartisan Parent PAC. By talking about the TPA naming it's head, Carolyn Boyle, Texan Of The Year in 2006.

First, a word about the the FMF... some of their past hits include:

  • Tuition Deregulation - Parents! Students! Are you pissed about your ever escalating tuition bills? Upset that college is too expensive for you or your child? Well, now you have someone to BLAME! The FMF supported tuition deregulation that has driven up costs at public universities all over the state. Because of their hard work, UT Law is now more expensive than Harvard.
  • Utility Deregulation - Are you, like the rest of Texans who don't live in Austin or San Antonio, angry about your electric bills since 'deregulation'? Well, you can thank the FMF for that as well since they were one of many fighting to let the utility companies screw Texans in Houston and Dallas to the proverbial wall.
  • Private School Vouchers - One of the big contributors to the 'fight' to kill public schools and bankrupt Texas families as they try to afford private schools is none other than Dr. Hospital Bed Leininger. Yes, he's made millions off Medicare/Medicaid and selling milk from his Promised Land Dairy to public schools. Leininger couldn't have gotten rich without taxpayers. Which makes it curious that he's so eager to dismantle the public school system... one has to wonder if maybe he has plans for a bunch of Leininger schools. Leininger is a major contributor to the FMF which supports vouchers. The Parent PAC opposes them. Which is one BIG reason they want to hurt Parent PAC... well, that and Parent PAC keeps winning.
  • Of course, the TPA endorsed her because of her hard work not only to maintain the tradition of public education in Texas, but also because of her success in beating back the candidates the FMF loved. Our support for anything else is irrelevant to our endorsement of Boyles. So, we have to wonder if maybe the FMF is mad because we don't share their goal to kill public education in Texas. Oh well, sucks to be them.

    One last thing... in FMF circles we are relatively unknown. The FMF has just pointed out all the member blogs of the TPA. We're not particularly fond of the FMF or their ilk and talk about their failures daily. And the FMF just pointed us out. Thanks, guys!

    Posted by mcblogger at January 31, 2008 02:25 PM

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