January 15, 2008

Presidential Race...Is it just me?

I'm watching the D debate in Nevada right now. They are flashing up the big news that Romney has won Michigan (who cares?) and McCain has come in second (again, big deal). Meanwhile, Tim Russert is talking and it occurs to me that he's kind of an intentional mongo. Am I just being too harsh or is he really just a dumbass in a cheap suit?

If NBC is paying him more than $1000/wk, they are dramatically overpaying.

Meanwhile, the polling in Nevada is basically 30/30/30. Is there anyone out there who still thinks we'll be all done on the 5th of February? But what of the Republicans, you ask (why ARE you asking that)?

John McCain: 22 percent Rudy Giuliani: 18 percent Mike Huckabee: 16 percent Mitt Romney: 15 percent Fred Thompson: 11 percent Ron Paul: 6 percent Duncan Hunter: 1 percent

You know, when the front runner is at 22%, maybe you Republicans should start thinking about laying down for a nap this year.

Posted by mcblogger at January 15, 2008 09:07 PM

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