January 01, 2008

Oh, but I disagree

There are few conservative blogs I read, mostly because they are written by Michelle Malkin. Or people who wish they were Michelle Malkin. Urban Grounds is one I do read. While I may disagree with the guy who writes it, usually about 90% of the time, he writes well and at least makes an attempt to rationally argue his position. Except for two recent posts that got under my skin.

The first one was regarding the TPA's Texan Of The Year Awards, specifically the Gold Star given to Rick and Melissa Noriega. UG didn't like that at all...

The Texas Progressive Alliance — is there nothing so sacred and respected by the military that the left isn’t willing to disgrace or desecrate? Maybe you could come up with some kind of heart-shaped, purple award for your alliance, too.

Rep. Noriega (who is also a Lt. Colonel in the Army National Guard) — you should know better. You should have politely declined the award, and used the opportunity to educate the Texas Progressive Alliance on what a Gold Star presentation really means.

In the comments, people pointed out the inanity of the post. I'll belabor the point by mentioning the following organizations that issue gold stars.

Elementary teachers all across the US.
Fire Departments
The U.S. General Services Administration Gold Star Award for Excellence
Cygwin Gold Star award
UT at San Antonio
News Stations
Police Officers and Hwy Patrolmen
Software Companies
My former employer, USBANK, which gives them out for years of service to the company.

None of these organizations are being disrespectful to the military families who've lost a loved one. Neither is the TPA. This kind of criticism makes it hard to tell if this was about politics or general outrage. I'm thinking it was the former.

The second post is about what those on the right like to call BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME...

I was a Soldier in the U.S. Army during Bill Clinton’s Presidency. While I differed on much of what the man stood for, I understood that he was the President of my country. And he needed as much support and respect as that office deserved.

I’m not saying that Presidents shouldn’t be criticized nor scrutinized — but to do it in such a hateful and disrespectful manner the way the left has is another thing entirely. The rampant Bush Derangement Syndrome I’ve seen over the last 7 years has been sad, pathetic, and disheartening.

I really do doubt and question the patriotism of people who are filled with nothing but hate for our President. People who are actually rooting for his failure, his demise, and often his death.

You conservative commentators out there should never question the patriotism of myself or any other progressive because we don't like a man who refuses to uphold his oath of office and has damaged the United States so badly that it will take years to overcome the effects of his Presidency. We all respect the office and can differentiate between our animosity toward the man and our respect for the office. It's the kind of thinking that can enable us to hate the war and have the utmost respect for the troops who fight it. It's not their choice and at least they are upholding their oath which is more than I can say for their Commander in Chief.

Unlike members of the armed forces, civilians get to do that. They also get to try to limit the power of an out of control executive WHILE IN OFFICE. That's America,something that most learn in civics class.

Finally, there's been far too much bullshit spewed by the right about how much the left hates the troops. Y'all might be surprised that there progressives who fight tooth and nail to get Veterans home loans even when they are, at best, marginal borrowers. That send care packages to the troops. That actually give a damn about their safety in combat and want them home.

And yes, hate the irrational dry-drunk who sent them to invade a country that didn't attack us. We are all Americans. So, Robbie, given your love for the country, why the hell aren't you pissed as hell at Bush? The man has worked hard to dismantle the document that he swore to protect and defend.

I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of respect for people who don't keep their goddamn word.

Posted by mcblogger at January 1, 2008 06:53 PM

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