January 05, 2008

Calling the election

So, I'm eating dinner before I go out (gotta have a base to dump scotch onto) and watching the Republican debate. The last Q was about energy and the price of oil.

The only one who made sense was Ron Paul. Shit. You. Not. He nailed the question by talking about the collapse in the dollar (though he missed that it was caused in large part by profligate deficit spending resulting from Bush's tax cuts and our trade deficit) and our aggressive posture in the middle east. Everyone else talked about supply and demand. Fred Thompson thinks that the windfall profits of the oil companies are just peachy since they've also had 'lawsuits'. He's not just, as The Mayor calls him, a scrotum face. He's also REALLY stupid which is saying something when you consider he's one of the R Presidential candidates.

All of them talked about capitalism vs. socialism, as if ANY of the Democrats were talking about socialism. It's REGULATED CAPITALISM, you asshats. Your talking points are as crappy as your cheap suits.

If Paul were going to be the Republican nominee, I'd be scared. He's not. He hasn't a prayer. Which leaves the rest of the losers. Any one of which would be hard pressed to beat Dennis Kucinich. I feel sorry for the Republican Party... these people have been pandering and lying for so long they just don't know the difference any more.

Not that it matters much. The only reason Huckabee won Iowa was because the non-religious nutters went to the D caucus. 2-1 and a Democrat gets elected with 60% of the popular vote and 400+ EV's.

Posted by mcblogger at January 5, 2008 07:54 PM

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