January 21, 2008

Abbott continues the Republican tradition...

...of floating really bad ideas. Via EOW and Todd Hill at Burnt Orange comes some information you may have missed about Wheelie's proposal to privatize CHIP. With the help of the courts, which he expects to order parents to buy insurance.

Yep. If the parents can't afford to buy insurance, the state courts will order them to buy it, 'based on their ability to pay'. Which is funny since people who can afford insurance overwhelming HAVE insurance while those that can't, don't. Wheelie didn't say how he'd bridge the gap between an empty wallet and a court order. What's next, Wheelie? Debtors prisons?

Wheelie doesn't seem to get that CHIP works great when the money is available. However, it hasn't been because the Republican leadership in the Lege didn't want to appear soft on kids. So the federal funds they could have used to fully fund CHIP didn't get used. We lost that money thanks to inept ideologues and the people that keep in them in power.

Good job there, Abbott. Way to really get to the heart of the matter! With public servants like you, it'll be no time until we have a system that closely resembles a banana republic... completely private and far more expensive health insurance than ever before.

Tell you what, Wheelie. You find a private insurer that is as efficient as a government program and I'll be all for it. You can't, though, because one doesn't exist. They might, but only if those $1.2 bn executives were cut off. Until there are some financial controls put on out of control management teams, shareholders AND consumers will continue to take it on the chin. And privatization will continue to make as much sense as sticking your hand in a running garbage disposal.

Posted by mcblogger at January 21, 2008 09:18 AM

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