December 12, 2007

Who is the most bored of John Cusack? You, me or him?

After I first blogged about old Johnny and that sentimental tripe 'Martian Child', I suffered some remorse. Not about that particular movie, which I am fairly certain will be as craptastic as it's trailer. No, days later, I saw the trailer for 'Grace is Gone'.

I said to myself 'Holy fuck, you've gone and made fun of the asshole, and now he will be nominated for a fucking award.' Not win, mind you, but be nominated for one. As things are going though, that seems pretty far from certain. Anyway, I actually wanted to see this depress'o'rama. However, this gives me pause.

Now, I understand that nobody wants to be judged by something they did years ago, but COME ON! He is totally dissing 'Better Off Dead'. He sucks! I swear to all that is holy, if I ever run into the motherfucker, however slight that chance may be, he'll be getting another 'Two dollars'! Nothing I like better than pissing someone off, especially pretentious fucks who don't seem to understand that it's the movies he hates that really were his best.

Oh, Fuck. Don't tell me you thought Must Love Dogs was good.

Posted by barfly at December 12, 2007 01:07 AM

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