December 15, 2007

Uhm, yeah... we're going to need you to pay attention here

The RRL (viaEOW )has a choice quote from one of the R's vying to run against Maldanado in HD52. If this is the caliber of person they are going to run against the popular Maldanado, you guys are sooo up shit creek.

When asked why he is a Republican, Gordon replied: “I’m a very strong believer in individuals. Government is a necessary component, but should be looked [to] very seldomly. The more we can enhance individuals and their responsibilities, the better our society will be.”

Gordon described himself as being pro-military and a Second Amendment supporter, stating: “The more armed our society is, the safer and more secure our society is.”

“I’m a strong Christian,” Gordon continued. “I believe a nation must be founded on those morals, to remain strong.”

Not to be rude, but an original thought never crossed that little rat brain of yours? My God, Maldanado is going to kcik the shit out of someone like you. Mr. Gordon, you're running for a state office, not a federal office. You don't get to override or extend the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Hell, I don't you even think you know what the hell it says. So let me get your clichés straight...

1) You're for individual people doing individual things
2) Government is a necessary component of our society (this is the most sensible thing I've heard a Republican say... normally all y'all can do is fall over yourselves bashing the government that provides roads, good schools and public safety)
3) You support the troops - Who the fuck doesn't, asshole? Seriously, are you a fucking retard or something? Do you honestly think there is some large segment of the population that doesn't support the troops? Fukctard.
4) You believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms (Damn! I gave away the Second Amendment)
5) You're a strong Christian. So am I. That doesn't mean I want my kids being taught your fucked up, ass backwards beliefs or some kind of creationist bullshit. No one gives a shit if you're religious, douchebag. STFU.

Seriously, is this the cream of the crop for y'all? At least Krusee was kinda smart when he really got going and, I'm told occasionally, even had flashes of brilliance. At least on things unrelated to school finance and transportation. Which just happen to be the most important issues in the district and on which Maldanado is in an unassailable position.

Gordon, don't waste time and money embarrassing yourself. Baselice's polling model doesn't work in 52. You"re going to lose if you run.

Posted by mcblogger at December 15, 2007 06:06 PM

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